Institute of Natural Energy Modifications (NEM)



Institute of Natural Energy Modifications
What does everyone want when the time beckons? To be younger, to look younger, to feel younger. In other words we want to be rejuvenated, to turn back the clock, to reverse time. But time won’t go back. In order to be young we have to stay youthful on the inside, which means we need to slow down our aging process. And that’s exactly what AAC is meant to do. Its revolutionary approach slows down the aging process, rejuvenates the body and represents a new vision in cell cosmetics.

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our lives yet it is not personalized as much as it should be. For example, a simple kitchen knife is just a tool to be used and eventually discarded. But what if we could turn a knife into some form of battery? A battery that could accumulate life supporting and bio-stimulating energy? That is exactly what the ESO Knife does. It is a revolution in kitchen tools.

If we could modify environmental conditions to be stimulating for thinking, we would get the best quality of that specific process. New ideas would be wrapped in quality and precision and current problems would be solved hastily. It’s a place that can create such an atmosphere, where it’s own modified energy state supports mental activities, tunes the emotional spectrum and removes exterior influences so the mind can fulfill tasks with optimal results - a Genius Room.

The Energy Pyramid is a worldly famous construct by Ruben Papian. It was visited by thousands of people who lavished in its powers and blissful effects. It heals mind, mends wounds, balances organisms, relaxes, calms down, purifies and some even claim it makes the wishes come true. The Energy Pyramid stood the test of time and has proven itself to be one of the ultimate energy constructs.

As human organism constantly changes and evolves, every once in a while a certain state appears – the state we call illness. In order to find the way of making the treatments most effective within the shortest amount of time, we have developed instruments called the Magic Spikes and the Magic Wand.

Modern times follow specific rules when it comes to how people function in their homes. People, especially younger people, close themselves in their rooms or apartments in front of computers, play games or communicate through social networks. Coincidentally, an enormous spectrum of emotions follows through: stress, pleasure, shock, horror, excitement etc. We created an instrument, high technology gadget that can change the energy of any space according to the needs of those within it. It fits into the modern technology aesthetics and its highly portable.

Micro Panel
Currently in development.

While in the pyramid “I” becomes primary, in the Black Cube it disappears. As soon as a person enters, this “I” dissolves. A person starts to exist in a different world where “movies” start to play. That is what the Black cube is – it allows you to enter this artistic space, without the artist himself, where your nature, your emotions, can freely exhibit on their own unique way.

Terminal is an artificial time modifier. it is a fascinating thing that doesn’t belong in the present, but in the future. It’s far from commercial use and it is Ruben Papian’s personal instrument. Terminal is a machine that needs to go through few evolutions, polishing. Next evolution is integration of digitalization (GPS). It will provide coordinates for time travels.

The construct is to be a unison of high technology, invention, design and health, creating a Utopia that is not only amazing to behold but also live and enjoy in. It is a socially, ecologically and economically stable and sustainable environment whose splendor will reach every part of the globe.