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Ezo Disc
Changes the emotional atmosphere of any room.

STATUS: in prototype development

Modern times follow specific rules when it comes to how people function in their homes. People, especially younger people, close themselves in their rooms or apartments in front of computers, laptops and TVs to work, play games or communicate through social networks. Something that was previously impossible to imagine, one person being connected to the entire world from the comfort of their room, is now possible. Coincidentally, an enormous spectrum of emotions follows through: stress, pleasure, shock, horror, excitement etc. All these emotions and emotional states attach themselves to space, like an invisible mold that in time twists and deforms this space, making it ill defined and chaotic.

People even suffer from numerous kinds of disorders because the energy in the space they live in is very deviant and turbulent, with reaction of the organism close behind. The space accumulates these energies for a certain period of time and ultimately people are surrounded by chaos, which was mostly created by them. This space is no longer stimulating. People can feel this but how do they change things to feel comfortable again? They vacuum their rooms, dust them, mop the floors and open windows – but this type of cleaning is not enough. Influx of fresh air might reduce the pressure in any given room but that won’t change the space to radiate with quality. After all, space that air comes from is in chaos of its own, sandwiched between the concrete jungle, traffic and ocean of legs.

What we truly need
to do is pay attention to our room energy hygiene!

To do this, to bring this idea closer to people, we also observed the magnitude of powerful technology around us that affects our emotional conditions. From mobile phones and their accessories to electrical appliances, atmospheric lighting and a multitude of other hi-tech devices, each is generating emotion-affecting energy. As such we created an instrument, mechanism, high technology gadget that can change the energy of any space according to the needs of those within it. It fits into the modern technology aesthetics, its highly portable and its called Ezo Disc.

How it works

Regardless of its small size, the center of Ezo Disc is a powerful energy generator and accelerator. Coupled with additional sophisticated electrical and mechanical components, it is capable of completely changing the energy atmosphere of a 20 square meter room in about 15 to 20 minutes. Design and high portability of the device allows for complete freedom when it comes to position and placement in any living space. But what is technology without improvement to the quality of life features – everything Ezo Disc does is just a press of a button away.

For example, if you want to play a game you need excitement and adrenaline, an increase in your attention and speed of thoughts. With Ezo Disc, the space plays with you, feels what you feel. In reality the space supports your emotional state while the device emits frequencies that are characteristic for the emotions you need – in this case excitement, intrigue and curiousness among others. The space is filled with desired energy states and conflicts between you and space are void – the space is just right for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

Let’s continue our example by saying that the game is over, and it is now time for romance. You expect your partner to visit you. It’s clear you don’t need the same emotions or emotional states as those for playing a game. The space needs to change once more. So, you push a button and set the device to Romance Mode. The space will modify to support just that. The room Ezo Disc is in will become romantic, one supporting romantic actions, thoughts and emotions. But hey, you don’t need romance until your guest arrives. Just set the device to Neutral Mode and enjoy the clean space.

The device comes with 9 preset modes that you can choose from and which alter the energies to support specific activity, mood or condition. The presets are:

1. Relaxation-
change the atmosphere to support deep relaxation
2. Party-
jolt yourself with all the things needed for a great party
3. Meditation-
prevent outside influences from damaging your focus
4. Thinking-
boost your mind processes
adjust the atmosphere to allow peaceful and relaxed dreams
6. Romance-
creates a space full of passion and supports romantic thoughts
7. Study-
boost mind activities that are used during studying
8. Creativity-
boost personal creativity and colorful mind activities
9. Neutral-
neutral mode, clean space filtering outside influences

While each preset is a different energy configuration, modes can be further personalized and mixed together. Several different Ezo Discs can be connected to work simultaneously in different rooms and in different mode settings. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to use your own music and establish communication between the device and your phone, tablet or personal computer to further customize your experience with advanced settings and options.

How it's made

Top-end of the device is made out of micro energy modifiers slightly protruding out of the top. They are connected with the energy generator and accelerator in form of an orb and it’s base that keeps it stabilized. All together, these three elements – the pyramid, generator and the base, make the heart of the device.

They are housed in the uniquely designed case of the device made out of carefully selected premium materials and sophisticated electronic components. The curved interior of the case is filled with wings placed on different heights and connected to small motors. These wings rotate along the case edges and around the center sphere. Interior of the case is also padded with LED strips that are connected to the settings of the device, thus providing interchanging lighting effects.

The bottom of the case has a dedicated holder part used to hold the device in place, stop any vibrations of the device from creating noise and as an additional protection.

On top-back of the device you will find the LCD touch screen interface that holds the information on the current setting used as well as operating controls. Right behind that interface you will find the section with connections, such as the power plug, USB or type-C connector, as well as small LED lights indicating different wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Wireless and hardline connections allow you to further customize the interior workings of the device thus allowing you to store additional files on interior hard drive. ESO Disc can be used while directly connected to electricity via cable, or charged and used on battery. In the outer bottom section of the device you will find stereo speakers made out of unison between wood, plastic and metal, to provide the best possible sound quality. Remote control is possible with the dedicated remote controller or an iOS/Android app.

Where it is

Ezo Disc can be placed in any room and on any surface. Because of its size and portability, the only thing to keep in mind is the effective range of energy it broadcasts - 20 square meters. Range can be extended however with additional devices. As stated before, several Ezo Discs can be connected together via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work in unison either on the same or different preset modes.

Because of the design and possible use of the device, Ezo Disc can fit into living rooms while you are having happy moments with your family or friends, bedrooms while you are sleeping, studies while you are learning, kitchens while you are being creative, bathrooms while you are relaxing...

STATUS: in prototype development