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Ezo Knives
Wear resistant, practical, beautiful - a new essential in your arsenal

STATUS: in prototype development

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our lives yet it is not personalized as much as it should be. For example, a simple kitchen knife is just a tool to be used and eventually discarded. But what if we could turn a knife into some form of battery? A battery that could accumulate life supporting and bio-stimulating energy? That is exactly what the ESO Knife does. It is a revolution in kitchen tools.

How it works

While the knives are in the base, they are accumulating bio-energies generated by the same base. The energies are generated by the pyramid and transferred to the blades via spirals. No more than an hour is necessary for the blades to fully charge. The moment the blade touches the ingredient, any ingredient, accumulated bio-stimulating energies are distributed and transferred to that ingredient. In doing so, the transferred energies support ingredients quality and taste, apply additional healthy and energetic attributes and allow the ingredients to remain fresh longer outside or inside the refrigerator.

While in the base, the blades are kept sharp, sterilized, corrosion free, bacteria free, tasteless and odorless.

All of these features are made possible by the potent generator in the base that ensures long blade life and healthy preparation of food.

Included in the set are four knives, each designed for different purpose – different ingredients. We talked with numerous chefs and experienced cooks and decided on these particular four knives:

How it's made

Base is divided into two components different in function, but fused together into harmonious existence. The more obvious of the two are knife holders shaped like long tubes. Tubes are tilted, made out of hard plastic and hollow at the bottom (reason for this will become evident later). Tubes are reinforced at the top, where blades enter the tubes, and small magnets are placed at the edges to hold the knives firmly in place. A bit stronger and differently calibrated magnets can be found inside the tubes. Also inside the tubes you can find spiral copper wires that go around the blades in their full length - wires connect the tubes to the pyramid behind them.

The pyramid is situated on the base. Much like the energy pyramid(link) it is an energy generator and purifier whose effects are passed along downwards and then transferred to the tubes via copper wires that go from the pyramid and into the tubes. Bottom part of the base is made with a strong yet lightweight metal alloy that keeps the bottom surface flat, holds the pyramid and tubes in place. All of these components combined are the base/block of the knife set, unified into a single kitchen element.

Blades are made out of expertly crafted High Carbon Stainless Steel.
20cm/8inch in length, the blades are not only sharp,
but also balanced to perfection.
For those who are looking for something even more special,
something beyond even the best High Carbon Steel, we prepared the
blades made out of layered Damascus Steel of the same length.

Knife handles are made out of high quality plastic with extra coating and are 13cm/5inch long. Handles are not hollow and instead filled to hold the tang tightly and securely. Additional counter weights have been inserted into the handles for better balance of the knife. Our in depth research led us to the design of handles that doesn’t have unnecessary rubber elements and yet provides all the ergonomics and tight grip the hand needs.

Where it is

Ezo Knives can fit into any kitchen. The set is compact and can fit on any kitchen surface. Even master chefs will find them as great companions because of their durability and reliability. Each knife and corresponding tube is fashioned with color and engraved symbol you associate with that ingredient in mind, allowing for almost subconscious identification and usage.

Knives are dishwasher free so you don’t need to worry about cleaning them – any method will work just fine. Adding to cleanliness is the power of the base that will further clean the blades of any residue on them – even that of cleaning liquids and chemicals. With their legendary durability and all the perks of the base, ESO Knives are the ultimate kitchen tools.

STATUS: in prototype development