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Genius Room
Mind activity acceleration. Dynamic emotions. The best results.

STATUS: in prototype development

Thinking is a normal and never ending process of the human race. The result of that process severely depends on the quality of thinking. People can think of something useless or something very constructive, even genial. What people think about depends on their environment, emotional states and even thoughts of others. With plethora of exterior influences it is clear that when someone is even slightly nervous or worried, he or she won’t be able to solve business and social problems with utmost quality. Since brainstorming is the lifeblood of any successful team, it is important to negate heavy influences of the environment that can impact the thinking capabilities and emotional states of each team member.

So, if we could modify environmental conditions to be stimulating for the process of thinking, we would get the best quality of that specific process. This means that not only would new ideas be wrapped in quality and precision, but current problems would be solved hastily. That is how we arrive at the doorstep of a room that can create such an atmosphere, where it’s own modified energy state supports mental activities. It’s a place that tunes the emotional spectrum and removes exterior influences so the mind can fulfill tasks with optimal results - a Genius Room.

How it works

The entire room; ceiling, walls, floor, even the table are joined together by the energy equipment. As the name implies, entire room becomes an energy machine that generates required energies and protects against, and curates existing, outside influences.

The panel on the ceiling, micro energy modifiers in the walls and spherical accumulator in the table give the possibility to create the five necessary environmental conditions for “genius” work. It’s a journey through five energy states.

First phase-
neutralization of the room from any influences. If a meeting is to take place, then the entire room must be clear of all influences and remain neutral.
Second phase-
to balance the emotional state of people in that room, so that they resonate in a given range. Much like in a discotheque when people dance to the same song, this process will bring them closer to mutual understanding and communication.
Third phase-
jolts the dynamic of mental activities. Supporting and shielding energies resonate within the room ensuring that everyone’s brain in a group performs immaculately; nothing is allowed to interfere with production of thoughts, brainwork. Considering unification of brainwork and efficiency of thoughts, colleagues will find it easier to accept proposals and ideas of others and enrich them properly.
Fourth phase-
emotional dynamic. The room starts to create the right emotional states, like the sense of self-confidence, boldness and comfort. Thoughts go toward the goal without anything holding them back and the body reacts to it.
Fifth phase-
starts when the meeting is over and tasks have been completed. The space was thus far packed with emotions, vibrations, mental activities and conversations. People are leaving the room with their ideas and work intact but residue left behind needs to be eliminated. The room cleans itself and returns back to the neutral state.

Genius Room is working on both personal and group level. While each person benefits from being in the Genius Room, the whole team benefits greatly because of the connection the room creates between people. Everyone in the room will be connected in such a way that ideas and idea sharing feels very natural and very fast. The emotional spectrum and mind also get balanced so that no tension is built during the exchange of opinions. Not only that but emotions become dynamic which allows for better flow and exchange of words, ideas and creations.

This link created between people during their time in the Genius Room remains
long afterward, improving the business and social environment
of the whole company.
As such the room is firstly intended for
organizations where teamwork and productivity
of a group is very important.

Design of the room itself is made to be comfortable, accessible and so that nothing disturbs people who are about to work. This not only includes agronomical design of chairs and placement of refreshments and projectors, but entire machinery responsible for energy work. Everything is tucked away behind panels and walls so it’s invisible to the eye and ultra quiet.

How it's made

Genius Room design is made to get the most out of the concept and envelops every element in it. Specially designed energy panel is positioned in the center of the ceiling. Panel houses plethora of micro energy modifiers but it also has the primary lighting function by having LED lights on its bottom.

Underneath the panel, in the center of the room, is the conference table. Table is made out of top quality oak wood with premium lacquer. It is designed for utmost comfort when holding a meeting or conference and with enough space for ten people.

Chairs are positioned around the table. They are built after the agronomical design of office chairs to provide utmost comfort and prevent strain after long sitting. Materials used are enduring and even further protected to prevent tearing and signs of usage.

Unique energy accumulator and modifier is positioned in the center of the table, below the main board. It is spherical in shape and held in place by the interior of the table. In many ways the accumulator is the center of the room as well and equal distance from every corner and chair in the room.

Table, and the accumulator, are also connected to the walls via thin metallic plates that blend with the floor. The reason behind this connection are groups of micro energy modifiers in the wall panels. Unlike the energy modifiers in the ceiling, these are of different shape and function.

Walls are positioned at an angle and the entire room follows a rhomboid or hexagonal shape – regardless of position, walls are flat with angular design allowing micro energy modifiers to do their thing, and some more lighting to be added to each corner where light is often missing in regular conference rooms.

This is the second evolution of Genius Room. First version had major focus on table and chairs, but now their role is passive and, as said before, energy work is happening in the ceiling and walls. It’s much more comfortable for people to stand up and movement is less restricted. Is this the final evolution of the idea? Actually third evolution is on its way with high technology systems in use.

Walls are positioned at an angle and the entire room follows a very rhomboid or hexagonal shape – regardless of position, walls are flat with angular design allowing micro energy modifiers to do their thing, and some more lighting to be added to each corner where light is often missing in regular conference rooms.

Where it is

Genius Room, as a whole, can be created as an individual dedicated entity or integrated into already existing conference or brainstorming rooms. It can fit into a small, medium or large companies or even huge corporative buildings. Genius Room can be customized to include electrical devices like projectors and screens or comfort items like easy chairs.

We also experimented with using Genius Room outside of the companies. One university allowed us to install a Genius Room on the campus and several groups of students used it for studying and doing collaborative tasks. All student groups saw an increase in focus, team work, and results.

STATUS: in prototype development