Institute of Natural Energy Modifications (NEM)



An artificial time modifier.

STATUS: completed, built and in experimental phase

Terminal is a fascinating thing that doesn’t belong in the present, but in the future. It’s far from commercial use and it is Ruben Papian’s personal instrument. Everything about this mechanism is still in the phase of development because of its humongous array of possibilities. Here is what the founder of the Institute has to say about it.

What is it

“Terminal is an artificial time modifier. What is time? Time is the state of space. If you are able to modify the frequencies of space, energies, in small doses, then you can create a replica of a certain energy combination of said space – combination indicating that which already happened or what will eventually happen. This means that time can be (re)created, a fraction of it, to show what was or will come to be. And since space is represented by different combinations of matter, then your brain, which has the ability to see and to think, will have the experience of that time as if it is present in reality. It’s a very similar thing to when you are sleeping – during sleep your brain interacts with space.

For example, imagine a window into the future, like a computer monitor. Let’s say we want to build a city. Could we, with technology available to us today, build a whole city to be displayed on the computer monitor? Of course we could. We watch movies this way. And those movies are real for us. A movie doesn’t exist, but actually it does – on the screen. It’s such a thin line with reality that it doesn’t matter where that city exists. It just does. When you create a plan in AutoCad and show it to the chief architect, he will create his own copy of that plan.

So, if we have a picture on the monitor and after 3 years we brought that picture to reality, what came from what? Does this mean we made a picture of something that doesn’t exist? It’s logical that reality appears first only to be shown as a picture on the monitor later. The architect has to experience somewhere inside himself this project so that it could be projected into digital code and electric signals – so that it can be shown on the monitor.

Which means that time forms inside you.
Reality starts with you. All you need is an instrument.

Microsoft presented new “HOLO” glasses recently. With them you have a complete experience of what isn’t present in reality. The question is, if you fell asleep with glasses and woke up with them, while not knowing you did so, is that what you see real for you, your reality? For you, yes. And for us that put those glasses on your face, for us that know that what you see is not real? Well, who asks us anyway… Maybe you are wearing one such glasses right now that allow numerous creations in your reality.

Terminal can read energy changes of precise time frequency and time range. It’s very important to set the complete address: time and location. When it has a specific year and geographical position, a machine will start modifying. And all of that will be visible to your brain with supposed glasses.

Terminal is still in the phase of development for me, so that I could see how it works and how far it can go. So far I’ve tried to create something and it came to be. But terminal is a machine that needs to go through few evolutions, polishing. Next evolution is integration of digitalization (GPS). It will provide coordinates. The head should be passive, and mechanism should do all the work. You enter the machine, set the parameters, GPS: time and geographical position, and then the machine starts to warm up, frequencies move, and space starts to change. You get to see things and experience things. That would be the final form of Terminal.”

STATUS: completed, built and in experimental phase