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Harmonizes psychical and mental processes. Makes wishes come true.

STATUS: completed and built

A worldly famous construct by Ruben Papian. It was visited by thousands of people who lavished in its powers and blissful effects. It heals mind, mends wounds, balances organisms, relaxes, calms down, purifies and some even claim it makes the wishes come true. The Energy Pyramid stood the test of time and has proven itself to be one of the ultimate energy constructs.

How it works

Energy Pyramid is a construction that channels and alleviates the outside powerful energies in order to make them beneficial and healthful for human organism. Energies that enter the pyramid are modified and adjusted to human beings so that biochemical, metabolical, psychical and mental processes get into perfect harmony.

Like any symmetrical prism, the pyramid dissolves energies of the Cosmos. Energies (or signals) that are about to enter the pyramid are being selected through the roof angles and filters. These angles secure the right diffraction of signals. Filters on the roof keep unnecessary and harmful energies from entering. After that, antennas conduct a spectrum of energy that the inventor found to be optimal, to the spheres at the top of each antenna. Then, every sphere sends that energy into the water. There, they mix and combine. Slowly, the lower part of the pyramid fills up and expands with a new type of combined energy, very beneficial to the human body.

Also, it has influence on the mental processes:
after a séance it is easier to think clearly; you bring decisions faster,
negative thoughts disappear and instead you
are filled with quality waves of thinking. The effects are the regeneration
of tissue, relaxation, rise of energy potential of the organism
as well as numerous other healing effects.

Those who already experienced the pyramid, state of its magical powers of dealing with physical problems like rheumatism, migrenes, hormonal problems, colds, virus infections, headaches, irritability, depression, sleeping disorders, etc.

As for the pyramid’s healing effects, its inventor says: “Imagine that the outside world is an orchestra of hundreds of instruments in which each plays his own note. It is a cacophony, chaos. But, if we exclude all the instruments that are not in harmony with each other, and we balance the remaining ones, we will get an accord. We will enjoy the music. The same process occurs in the structure. By transforming and adapting energies with necessary instruments, healing vibrations in the pyramid make people happy, satisfied and healthy.”

The Pyramid’s health influence is inevitable, but that is not the only purpose of this construction.

As we all know, people have the ability to produce thoughts. They represent a totally different diapason from physical matter, and at the same time they tremendously affect our health.

Inside of the pyramid everything happens differently – organism reacts on stimulating energies, so the thoughts become clear, not stressful, as the body is relaxed. Whatever thoughts you produce, this machine has the ability of amplifying them. It can be a wish, desire, fantasy or anything else. The pyramid will transform its energy with ones thought.

How it's made

Energy Pyramid starts with a base that looks much like a room. While the Pyramid is made out of plastic positioned on a metal skeleton, the room itself can be created out of an assortment of materials. It can be created out of concrete, bricks or something similar to prefabricated houses. Either way the only requirement is to support the pyramid above it.

A large orb is placed in the middle of the floor, in the pyramid. A special holder holds this orb in place. Orb is filled with the exact amount of water. Top of the orb has four holes where four antennaes are positioned in such a way that they are submerged in water and turned towards the roof – top of the pyramid.

Antennas are going in a spiral manner upwards, spiraling around aluminum holder that makes them more stable and ensures they always have the proper position. After spirals reach a certain height, antennas go straight upwards. While same in size, antennas are of different height. Each antenna ends with a metallic holder and pure crystal in such a way that both the holder and the crystal are in contact with the antenna. The holder simply holds the crystal in place.

How to use it

LED tapes are positioned on the edges of the room, underneath the Pyramid, and provide necessary light to the room. Because of the material of the Pyramid, during the day no artificial lighting is necessary and yet no additional protection is needed from the sun. Silent fans are used to adjust the air flow and temperature in the room – they proved to be much better choice than standard air conditioner who creates a lot of noise.

Chairs are positioned around the orb and are made out of tough yet lightweight materials and with mechanical leavers to modify the position of the sitting and back area.

What does a séance in the pyramid look like?

A person goes inside and sits down in a chair. It is preferable for eyes to be closed so that the whole organism wouldn’t have any disturbance from the outside signals. Then, a person should focus on a certain part of the body that needs to be healed or other issues in question. From the moment of entering, the energies start influencing whole organism and the immunity start rising, so it is perfectly fine for a person not to focus on anything while inside, just to relax and enjoy. One séance in the pyramid should last from 15 – 20 minutes.

After only one séance a person can feel relaxed, energized as well as numerous other healing effects. People who use the pyramid to heal the pain (migraines, stomach issues, rheumatism, etc.) can feel an instant recovery. Since the pyramid affects the mind and cleans all the negative thoughts, everyone that stays inside can experience that the stress is eliminated and the quality of sleep is very much improved.

As for the part about wishes, the inventor of this amazing structure of a new age says:

“Imagine the pyramid as a living organism that has no limits. It works in all diapasons of human being – both physical matter and non-physical. The Pyramid adjusts to us and forces us to adjust to it. It consists of pre-selected frequencies that encourage your immune system and mind to function properly. Organized energy streams are selected in such a way that they change the flow of time and space. Inside the pyramid, time and space don’t exist.

You are the key. The pyramid is a machine; it can do anything. But, you need to know the secrets of using those abilities properly.”

"Know how" No.1

Definition of your wish has to be precise. “I want to be happy” is not an option. It confuses the pyramid right away. It is too wide and undefined. My machine expects precision.
People must make their wish perfectly clear.
“I want the shoes size 42” is a clear wish.
“I want to be happy” is not a clear wish.

"Know how" No.2

Don’t repeat the same wish like a parrot. Repetition is far from quality. Believe me, the pyramid understands it at once. Form a wish, define it and do not repeat. Give your hopes and dreams a running start, and then enjoy in piece and silence.

The phenomenon of this construction lies in geometry and additional instruments. But let us not forget that YOU are the key to the doors of your own happiness. Everything you need is inside you.

Where it is

Currently, there are two energy pyramids that are available to broader audience in the world – one in Belgrade, Serbia and another in Almaty, Kazakhstan. These two have been visited by thousands of people with a lot of people returning to them every month. Customized private pyramids exist but are not listed for obvious reasons.

Energy Pyramid can be built anywhere and in any configuration but it requires special fine-tuning. Antennas are positioned differently depending on numerous variables, geographical location being one of them.

STATUS: completed and built